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                 My name is Amoree and I'll be your photographer this senior season, I am SO excited to work together! This is your landing page to order photos, and view them once they are ready. Please read through the Q&A, and reach out if you have any questions. Thank you! 


Amoree Celeste





2 Hours

3-4 Outfit changes + cap & gown

Up to 3 locations

40 Digitial Images

Online gallery




1.5 Hours

20 Edited images

2-3 Outfits + cap & gown

1-2 Locations

Online Gallery




1 Hour

15 Edited Images

1 Outfit + cap & gown

1 Location

Online gallery

*£99 Non-refundable retainer fee due at booking.
*Payment plans are available.


Wardrobe Tips

  1. Your outfit should be an extension of your personality! Don't stray too far from what you wear in your every day life. 

  2. Accessorize! For men, that includes cuff links, hats belts, shoes & scarves. For women, that means jewelry, bags, sunglasses, hats, shoes, & belts.

  3. Pull out your uniform, club shirt, or letterman jacket! Your outfit should reflect your hobbies and interests. 

  4. Test your outfits out before your session! Snap some photos of yourself wearing your outfit, move around in them, make sure they are comfortable and flattering!

  5. Looking for inspiration? Check out what your favorite celebs are wearing, scroll through Pinterest or Insta, or flip through your favorite magazine!

  1. What's the vibe you're looking for? Academic? Urban? Earthy? The location should fit who you are!

  2. Make sure the location doesn't clash or blend in with your location choice! 

  3. Scroll through my website and see which locations inspire you!

  4. When you're out and about and see a location that looks perfect, take a snap and send it to me!

  5. In sports or other hobbies? Check with your coach or instructor and see if you can use their location for your session! 


Location Tips

Not sure where you should have your session? Here are some locations we recommend!

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