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                 My name is Amoree and I'll be your photographer this sports season, I am SO excited to work together! This is your landing page to order photos, and view them once they are ready. Please read through the Q&A, and reach out if you have any questions. Thank you! 


Amoree Celeste



Package A


11x14 Individual pose

8x10 Group photo

5x7 Buddy pose

(2) 5x7 Individual pose

(4) Above photos digitally


Package B


11x14 Individual pose

8x10 Group photo

(2) 5x7 Individual pose

(3) Above photos digitally


Package C


8x10 Individual pose

8x10 Group photo

Both images digitally


(1) Digital Image - $15

(3) Digital Images- $35

(5) Digital Images - $60

(1) 8x10 Print - $15

(3) 8x10 Prints- $30

(2) 5x7 Prints - $15

(5) 5x7 Prints- $25

Personalized photo mug- $20

Keychain front & back photos- $12





1. First, log into the photo gallery to view your child's photos. Please note, these are only soft edits, any purchased photos will be fully retouched to match the photos shown on this webpage. This includes blemish touch ups, lighting adjustments, removing distracting objects from the background, etc. 

2. Next, once you've decided which photos you'd like to keep as part of your photo package, please fill out this form  with your selections for prints. 

*You can find the photo numbers by clicking on the photo, and hovering your mouse over the photo, it will appear on the bottom. 

3. If you would like to add any additional photos outside of your package, please note it on on your order form, and make sure to add it to your cart when checking out. 

Please DO NOT check out through your photo gallery this time, it will automatically charge you shipping. 

* I am covering the cost of shipping for the first group order in March. Anything ordered after that will need to be purchased through your gallery. 


​​*If you need any help, please reach out to me via email, or via my FB page HERE

How do I order?

Please click the "Buy Here" button link above, and fill out the order form.

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon booking in advance. All major credit & debit cards are accepted. Cash on the day of (EXACT change please) will also be accepted. Please place in an envelope with child's name, sport and package selection. 

When will the photos be ready?

One week after the session, I will upload all the photos in an online gallery for you to make your selections from. Digital photos will be delivered 7-10 days after payment is received. Printed photos will be delivered in early January, as soon as a date is set I will reach out to notify you. 


Where can I see the photos?

Right here on this webpage. Please click on the red "View Photos here".​

Can I add on extra photos after I view them all?

Absolutely! After you view them all, if you'd like to add on any extra digital files or prints, you can do so a la carte from the Add on list found above. ​

What is a buddy photo?

This is a fun, more casual photo where the team member can invite a friend/another teammate/sibling/parent/coach/etc. to jump in a photo with them together. ​

Can I purchase just a group image/individual photo?

Yes, you can purchase individual prints, or digital files from the add on list. 

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